The Summary of ERT

What is ERT?
ERT Emergency response Team
That is, everyone in the agency has received training. To be able to manage various emergencies immediately in the first second No matter where you are, No matter you’re your department.
Using the ICS incident command system that covers knowledge in fire safety, rescue, and EMS Emergency Medical Service.
ERT are volunteers who are willing to help their own agencies.
Where did the incident happen? Deal with it right away in the first second.
ICS Incident Command System
An incident command system is a systematic tool used for Command Control Coordination and Communication (4C) of each agency in emergency situation management. 
The system is an operating system for mobilizing resources to the scene of a disaster. 
To achieve goals and efficiency using the 4P-SHE: Policies, Personnel, Place and equipment, Practice and knowledge
The operator is the ERT Emergency Response Team, which must be established in every area. (This system according to FARA standards is called ERT-ICS)
1.C – Command Control
2.A – Assess & Search, Evacuation
3.R – Rescue & Fire
4.Me – Medical
5.Lo - Logistic
5 Keys ICS
1. Unity of Command
2. Common Terminology
3. Management by Objection
4. Flexible and Modular Organization
5. Span of Control
Quality of ERT
1.Person   *	- Satisfaction (Love)
                 	- Learn
	        	- Responsible
2.Knowlege  * - Appropriate
		       - Standard
		       - Never runs out
3.Tools	     *	- According specification
		        - Fits the hand
		        - Sufficiency tools
4. Familiar   *	- Public relations
		        - Meeting
		        - Coordinate benefits	
5.Network   *	- Build relationships
		        - Promote each other
                        - Harmonious
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