The Fire and Rescue Association FARA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization

FARA in cooperation with FARA INTERNATIONAL & APFA and members from ACAP : Australian College of Ambulance Professional

have jointly set

ASIA-SHE standard in 2010 with the following objectives:

Standard Objectives of ASIA-SHE (Safety-Health-Environment)

To promote quality policy of members with an emphasis on:

:   Spirit through physics

:   First Service providers or staff must be quality and happy people before customers or clients

:   Promotion of communications in order to obtain ISC Integrated Safety Communications by training people in order to:

 1. Know, understand and experience know-how of Safety in case of Emergency in Fire Service, Rescue Service and Emergency Medical Service. Such as: Risk Management, Emergency Response Management, Hospital Emerrgency

2.  Rebuild healthy body and mind of staff in Health Policy with an aim and examining system equipped with KPI

(ASIA-SHE focuses on heart and soul through loving kindness).

Focuses on Alternative Medicine to use herb and Essential oil for protecting and healing Heath as well (Easy Healing)

 3. Joining hands to create protecting process of environment as a sample organization with creativity and effective immediate feedback on staff.

For example : Running the program saving energy – Use Solar Cell – Use EV Electric Vehicle

In carrying out the work mentioned above, FARA : Fire And Rescue Association International has received close cooperation from members from various countries. Total up to now 9 countries:

1.FARA India : President Abdul Hamid

2.FARA Japan : President Garmal

3. FARA Korea : President J.H. Ahn

4. FARA Malaysia : President Choi

5. FARA Myanmar : President Mr.Ronnie Lwin

6. FARA Nepal : President Mr.Suman Adhigari

7. FARA Philippines : President Wong Seik Min

8. FARA Singapore : President Mr.James Teo

9. FARA Thailand : President Phongsa Seanjaingam